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Artwork in the Library

Date Issued: 12/13/2023
Date Revised: N/A
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The Mary Riley Styles Public Library (MRSPL) supports installing existing and new works of art to the library building and grounds that represent the vision in the comprehensive plan for the City of Falls Church and to celebrate the City’s history, community, character, and cultural diversity. These library-controlled installations may consist of art in the library’s permanent collection or loaned art for permanent or rotating exhibits.

The Library Director, with guidance and advice from the Library Board, has final approval and discretion in acquiring and selecting all artwork used and determining quantity, placement, and rotation. The Library Director will also work in conjunction with the Department of Public Works to maintain the building in support of art collections in the library building. Input from the City’s Arts and Humanities Council may be sought to achieve the purpose as noted above.

Procedures and guidelines will be established for reviewing and evaluating existing artwork in the library’s possession as well as for vetting and acquiring donations for permanent or temporary artwork or commissioning new artwork. Preference will be given to library and local history materials. Procedures and guidelines pertinent to this policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.

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