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Behavior Guidelines

Date Issued: 06/15/1994
Date Revised: 08/15/2001, 12/15/2004, 05/19/2021
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The Mary Riley Styles Public Library welcomes everyone and encourages courteous, equitable, and respectful access to the library and its resources. 

Expectations of Behavior  

  • All patrons and staff have the right to a comfortable and non-disruptive environment; patrons and staff should behave in a way that fosters that environment.
  • Any materials removed from the library must be checked out on a valid library card or through other standard library procedures. 
  • The library is not responsible for personal belongings left in any library materials or on library property. 
  • Patrons and staff shall wear appropriate attire and maintain hygiene.  Where issues of attire and hygiene are disruptive to the library environment staff may request the situation be remedied.
  • When there is a declared public health emergency patrons and staff shall comply with public health guidance from local, federal, and/or state agencies that relates to public spaces or library use.


  • Parents, guardians, or caregivers are responsible for the safety and behavior of children on library property.   
  • For more information, please see the policy “Safe Child”. 

Technology & Copyright Infringement 

  • Patrons and staff should be mindful of volume level while on calls and audio devices. 
  • Patrons and staff must abide by the City’s “Public Wi-Fi User Disclaimer and User Agreement” and “Internet, WiFi, and Computer Use Policy” when using library computers or wifi.  
  • Patrons and staff shall not use library materials in any manner that violates copyright or other laws.

The following behaviors and items are prohibited:  

  • Uncovered beverages;
  • Bathing or washing clothes in the restrooms;
  • Animals or pets, service animals or animals part of library programs are excepted;
  • Solicitation of any kind; 
  • Abusive language or harassment of patrons or library staff;
  • Smoking, vaping, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs on library property; 
  • Firearms, knives and other weapons are strictly prohibited on library property. See for example Falls Church City Code Sec. 2-211;
  • Use of library computers/internet access in violation of Virginia Law,(18.2-374.1:1 [child pornography], and 18.2-372 through 18.2-374 [obscene materials]);
  • Destruction of library property.  


Library staff may restrict access to the library for a period of time if the behavior guidelines and policies are not observed.  Persons whose behavior is disruptive or dangerous may be placed on “Trespass after Warning” (also known as banning) notification with the police. Patrons engaging in criminal activity as defined in the Code of Virginia will be reported immediately to law enforcement authorities and are subject to being banned.  

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