Chain of Command

Date Issued: 03/20/2002
Date Revised: 02/18/2004, 05/18/2016, 12/12/2018, 03/17/2021
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This line of authority is in effect at all times to ensure the safety of library users and staff and to facilitate the smooth and orderly operation of the library in the case of emergencies or decisions that must be made immediately if the Library Director is not present.

The Chain of Command is:

  1. Library Director
  2. Adult Services Supervisor 
  3. Youth Services Supervisor
  4. Technical Services Supervisor
  5. Circulation Services Supervisor
  6. Senior Administrative Assistant
  7. Librarian
  8. Library Assistant II
  9. Library Assistant I

The person in charge is authorized to interpret policy for the public and to make any decision necessary in an emergency.

  • All staff in the chain of command are permanent employees.
  • Temporary employees are not included in the Chain of Command and shall not act as shift supervisors.
  • Staff with more FTE hours within a job category are higher on the chain of command (e.g. 40 hour Librarian comes before a 20 hour Librarian).
  • Priority of departments are as follows:  
  1. Adult Services 
  2. Youth Services
  3. Technical Services
  4. Circulation

Emergency procedures are found in the library’s Emergency Manual.

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