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Exam Proctoring

Date Issued: 7/1/2004
Date Revised: 10/26/2011
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Exam Proctoring Request Form

As a courtesy, library staff proctor exams for (1) residents of the City of Falls Church and (2) employees of the City of Falls Church (including the City of Falls Church Public School system).

  1. Appointments for proctored exams must be arranged through the Adult Services Department [formerly the Reference Department] at least one week in advance and are only scheduled for times when the library is open to the public and sufficient staff is available.

  2. Proctored exams may be taken online, so long as the exams are web-based and do not require the loading of additional software on library computers. 

  3. The library does not guarantee that a private, quiet study room will be available for the exam.

  4. Exams must not exceed three hours in length and must be completed at least 15 minutes before the library closes. Exams, instructions (including logons for web based exams), and return information must be mailed or emailed directly to the library by the administering institution in order for staff to certify an exam.  Staff will not proctor exams that students bring themselves unless the administering institution first directly contacts the library to grant permission.

  5. Students must present a valid Virginia drivers license or photo ID at the time of the exam.

  6. Students are prohibited from using cell phones or visiting with others unless expressly permitted by the exam instructions. All time limits and other rules and instructions for the exam will be monitored and enforced by staff and violations will be reported to the administering institution.

  7. The library is not responsible for exams that are interrupted by library emergencies, power failures, or computer/technical failures.

  8. The library is not responsible for exams that do not arrive on time or are lost in the mail once they have been returned to the administering institution.

  9. The library does not keep copies of completed exams. Exams not completed by the scheduled date are either discarded or returned to the administering institution.

  10. Although there is no charge for administering exams, any associated costs related to printing, faxing, scanning, or mailing exam materials must be paid in advance by either the administering institution or the student taking the exam.
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