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Falls Church History Room Photo & Document Reproduction

Date Issued: 08/18/2010
Date Revised: 04/13/2017
Attachment(s): 1-Photo and Document Reproduction Form
                          2-Photo/Image Use Request

Request a Photo Form

The MRSPL Local History Collection contains thousands of photographic prints, negatives, and documents (mostly pertaining to the City of Falls Church and its surroundings). Because these materials do not circulate, the MRSPL Local History Collection offers digital scanning and photographic reproduction services in order to provide patrons with copies of desired photographic images and related materials (such as drawings, maps, and documents).

1. Summary of Reproduction Costs and Specifications:

Processing Fees

  • Hi-Res Scanned Photos/Image (over 300 pixels per inch (PPI) JPG: $10/each
  • Scanned Photos/Image (over 300 pixels per inch (PPI) JPG): $10/each
  • “In House” Print of Photo/Image (300 pixels per inch (PPI) JPG): $12/each
  • Professional Outsourced Print of Photo/Image: $10/each + cost of vendor
  • Digital Copy of Document: $10/each (72 ppi PDF unless otherwise specified)
  • Photocopy (b/w only): $0.15/each

Miscellaneous Fees (if applicable)

  • CD: $5
  • 2 GB Thumb Drive: $8
  • Postage & Handling: $5

2.   Placing Requests & Payment

Reproduction requests must be placed directly through the MRSPL Local History Collection and may be submitted in person, by email, or over the telephone. 

All requests must be pre-paid. MRSPL accepts payment by cash, personal check, or credit card. (See “Photo and Document Reproduction Order Form.”)

3.   Permissions, Copyright, and Attribution

All reproductions from the MRSPL Local History Collection are by default for personal, one-time “fair use” in accordance with United States copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code). Generally, this permits libraries and archives to “furnish photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted works” for the purpose of  “private study, scholarship, or research.”

Reproductions from the MRSPL Local History Collection for any purpose other than personal “fair use” – such as publication (in any medium, including online posting), commercial display, or advertisement -- must be approved in writing by the Library Director and must be attributed to “Mary Riley Styles Public Library, Local History Collection, Falls Church, VA.” (See “Photo/Image Use Request Form.”)

Because the copyright of many materials in the Local History Collection is not held by the library itself, the individual requesting any reproduction is solely responsible for ensuring that permission for use has been properly obtained. Additionally, MRSPL reserves the right to refuse or limit reproduction of any item (1) as required by donor agreement, law, or (2) if reproduction could result in physical damage to the material.

4. Altering Reproductions:

Written permission must be obtained from the Library Director to alter materials that the library holds the copyright on.

5. Photocopying:

In order to better preserve the physical state of materials in the MRSPL Local History Collection, MRSPL staff will photocopy materials for patrons upon request. 

6. Copying Images from the MRSPL Online Local History Databases:

Digital copies of already scanned items from the library collection will be charged at $10 per item.  However, images from MRSPL’s growing online local history databases, which are accessible through the library’s web site at,  may be copied or downloaded free of charge and are restricted to the same personal one-time “fair use” limitations and permissions specified above (see “3. Permissions, Copyright, and Attribution”).

7. Delivery Time & Order Limits:

Reproduction requests are processed based upon staff availability. Generally, every effort is made to fulfill any request within one week of receipt of payment.

Requests for professional image reproductions generally take up to one week, though the precise duration is dictated by the local outsourced company used by the library.

8.  Emailing, Faxing, and Postage:

The library will email digital images free of charge. However, if an individual file is too large to send for the library’s email system, the file will be saved on a CD or thumb drive provided by the library and paid for by the patron.  For computer security reasons, patrons may not bring their own CD or thumb drive to store these items.

Items can be faxed or mailed domestically for an additional $5 fee. (International faxes and postage and/or express mail will be handled on an individual basis and must be paid in full by the patron.)

9.  Use of Local History Scanner:

Use of the scanner in the MRSPL Local History Room is restricted to materials from the  Local History Collection .

All scanning requests are  fulfilled by MRSPL staff, who is trained in basic scanning techniques, such as cropping, resizing, and printing. Patrons may not use the scanning equipment themselves, nor does the MRSPL staff perform advanced image manipulation.

10. Use of Personal Scanners, Cameras, or Videocameras

Patrons are prohibited from using their own portable scanning equipment, cameras, or videocameras in the MRSPL Local History Collection.

Phone cameras (without flash) may, however, be used to photograph or scan documents and other non-photographic items in the collection.

11. Requests by City of Falls Church Government Agencies or Commissions:

Reproduction fees may be waived by the Library Director for requests by an agent of the City of Falls Church Government, a commission or association completing cooperative projects with the City of Falls Church Government, or Falls Church Public School and City of Falls Church Government employees who are conducting official City/school business.

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