Date Issued: 08/18/2021
Date Revised: N/A
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It is the policy of the library board to accept monetary donations or gifts of personal property. Gifts or donations are accepted in memory or in honor of persons, organizations, places or projects.  Gifts to the library may be tax-deductible. The library accepts gifts at the discretion of the library director and/or the Library Board of Trustees and reserves the right to refuse any gift.

In August 2000 the MRSPL Foundation was established.  The Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization established for the benefit of the library.  The Foundation is the primary fundraising entity for the library.

It is the policy of the library to accept donations of physical materials.  Materials that conform to standards for collection development may be considered for the collection.  All donations become the property of the Library and may be placed in the collection, sold, donated to a third party, or discarded.  The library may provide a receipt acknowledging the donation of items, but will not estimate value of the items.  Gifts will not be returned to the donor.

The discard policy for books purchased with financial donations is the same as the terms and conditions of the library’s general discard policy. (See Collection Management Policy)

See also Falls Church History Room Collection Management Policy for items related to local history.

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