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Library Programs

Date Issued: 12/04/2002
Date Revised: 05/18/2016
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As part of the library’s mission “to provide and promote open access to reading, educational, recreational, cultural, intellectual and informational resources that enrich and enlighten all segments of the community”, special programs and performances are offered to the public by persons other than library staff at the library building and in other locations.

Programs and performances are generally identified and scheduled by library staff.  Programs should not duplicate opportunities offered by other community agencies.  The Library Director makes the final decision about programs in consultation with department supervisors. Publicity is at the discretion of the library department sponsoring the program, and staff may coordinate with the City’s Office of Communications (OCOM).

The director and departmental supervisors utilize library staff expertise, collections, and facilities in developing and presenting programming.  The following criteria are used in making decisions about programming:

  • Community needs and interests
  • Available space
  • Cost
  • Staffing availability and demands
  • Presentation quality
  • Relation to library collections, resources, programs, and mission
  • Connection to other community programs, events, or agencies

All library programs are open to the public and are free.  Registration for a program may be required for planning purposes or when space is a concern.  The library’s stated mission of open access to information and resources extends to library programming.  The library does not knowingly discriminate through its programming and sponsorship of a program by the City or library, and the presentation of programs does not constitute an endorsement of the content or the views of the performers and/or participants.

On occasion, the library co-sponsors a program with another agency or community organization. The library’s role in such cases may include, but not be limited to, furnishing space, promotion, related book lists, or on-site displays.

When a community group or individual requests a program, the appropriate departmental supervisor examines the request to see if it fits in with the overall goals of library and if the staff and space needed to accomplish the program are available.  Due to the limited meeting space in the library, the library occasionally uses the main reading room for programs, but this is only done on rare occasions. Occasionally a program may be presented after the library is officially closed so that the main reading room area may be used without patron inconvenience.

Refreshments are not routinely served at programs, but are used when food is an integral part of the program or the program is a special event such as an author/illustrator program. (See also Food Policy). 

Evaluation forms may be distributed to the audience so that staff can determine what has been successful and receive ideas for new programs from patrons.  Patrons are welcome to provide feedback and opinions about programming at any time to library staff.

Some program performers may require contracts and other necessary legal documents, particularly when charging for a performance. All performers/authors, if charging for their program, must have a W-9 on file with the City finance office in order to be paid for a program.

Library policy prohibits any solicitation of services or the sale of vendor products while on library property with the exception of programs provided by authors/performers who have merchandise related to their program. Arrangements and permission for this must be granted in advance of the program. The performer/author may not pressure the audience to purchase items or services, but may distribute business cards and/or flyers listing purchase information; they may also have a table with merchandise (e.g. books or cds), but the performer/author is responsible for all sales. The library does not provide change to performers when they sell their merchandise, nor does library staff help with the selling of any of the items. 

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