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Date Issued: 12/04/2002
Date Revised: n/a
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The library encourages individuals and groups to volunteer their time and efforts in service to the library.  Volunteers do not replace paid staff and are not considered employees of the library; however, volunteers can provide important support services to paid staff and/or work on special projects.  Participants in the library’s volunteer program learn more about the library and its place in the community and observe first-hand how the library serves community needs. There is an equal opportunity for all to volunteer at the library, which also adheres to the American Disability Act in regard to volunteers.

The Director appoints two staff members to serve as the Library’s Volunteer Coordinators—one for adult volunteers and one for teen volunteers.  The Volunteer Coordinators supervise the recruitment, orientation, training, placement, and evaluation of their respective volunteers and work with the Director to organize and coordinate the library’s annual special recognition of its volunteers during National Volunteer Appreciation Week. 

Volunteers must be at least 12 years old. Prior to being assigned to a volunteer position, all applicants must fill out an application form and meet with the Volunteer Coordinator they are assigned to.  Court-appointed volunteers and community service workers are no longer accepted as volunteers at the library. Teens that must fulfil a community project will be accepted as volunteers, however, they must attend either George Mason High School or Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School in Falls Church.

The number and type of volunteers accepted are based on the amount of work and supervisory time available.  If there are no open positions available, applicants may request that they be placed on the waiting list.  Volunteer application forms are kept on file for one year subject to review should a suitable volunteer position become available. 

Library volunteers are to be given meaningful job assignments, but are not to be used on public service desks without the immediate supervision of a staff member.

In the event that a volunteer is not able to adequately perform the duties assigned to him/her, the Volunteer Coordinator makes an effort to reassign the volunteer.  Should no other suitable volunteer position exist at the time, however, the volunteer is asked to discontinue service and his or her application is kept on file for one year, subject to review should a suitable position become available.

Although library volunteers are eligible to apply for regular staff positions when vacancies occur, volunteers should not expect that their volunteer work ensures them a future position as a paid staff member.

Volunteers are not eligible for monetary compensation for their work or the benefits provided to paid employees, including Worker’s Compensation, but are covered for liability.

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