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The Library Board of Trustees has two members whose terms expire at the end of June 2024. If you are interested in serving on the Library Board, please visit the City's Boards & Commissions Vacancies page for information about how to apply.  

2023 Tax Forms & Tax Assistance

UPDATE 01/22/2024: 1040 forms,1040-SR forms, and instruction books have arrived. They're available during tax season in the library's vestibule (right as you enter the building) while supplies last. 


  • The library participates in the IRS’s Tax Form Outlets Program, which distributes free paper copies of 1040 forms and instructions (in both English and Spanish) during the tax season.
  • Virgina no longer distributes paper tax forms to libraries. 
  • Paper copies of some state forms may be available from the City's Commissioner of the Revenue's office
  • Most forms and publications are also available online and can be printed - from home or here in the library - from the IRS of VA Department of Taxation



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